Puma vs. Unicorn

Puma vs. Unicorn

TL; DR – You should start using Puma.

Rails has switched the default server from Webrick to Puma in Rails 5!

It also supports Action Cable (one of the new features from Rails 5) and Basecamp said they’re using Puma in production.

I was wondering if Puma has been in fact better than Unicorn so I’ve read some blog posts about it:

Basically, the answer is yes – it is a bit better, but don’t wait for a huge improvement. I’d say it might be a good idea if you’re:

  • about to start a new project;
  • about to migrate your current project to Rails 5;
  • unhappy with your Rails 3 / 4 app server performance.
  • Marklar

    I believe Basecamp still use Unicorn as well:


  • I don’t mean to be a hater, but these choices should really be made based on technical and financial reasons … not what everyone else is doing. That being said, Puma rocks for technical and financial reasons

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